Changing your financial mindset one step at a time

Although personal finance is 80% behaviour or Habits and only 20% Head knowledge or Thoughts , we still need to change the way we think about financial wellness, to be able to have a stress free life. We need to know the HOW, of making our finances work.

Let’s start with the first and foremost mind-set change: “I have enough money!”

When you live in a mind-set that you never have enough money, you’re going to act that out in real life. You will always be wanting for more money. If you think to yourself that you have enough, that you’re able to make ends meet and that you will be able to live off of what you make, you’ll find this starts to become true for you.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there
-Theodore Roosevelt

Never believe you don’t have enough money. That’s like starting in the hole and never recovering, no matter how hard you work.

Changing your mind-set will be the first step in working towards your abundance. You still have to do the hard work, but do it with the mind-set that you’ll have enough.

This is probably the hardest mind-set to change, but it will make the most difference.

If you’re able to change this one thought, you’ll be able to open yourself up to changing the way you deal with and manage your money.

Your positive relationship with money starts by believing that you have enough, that you are enough.

Marie Forleo says:
Anytime you part with money, bless it and say – There’s always more where that came from.

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