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Life is a wonderful and challenging journey. Don’t do it solo! Let’s appreciate our strengths and grow to our best unique self together! 

Our coaching journey is one where we choose an appreciative strengths approach helping you to grow to the best unique you could possibly be! 

The affordable R350 per session is the perfect opportunity for you to grow! Join us

As a coach you can also book a session of Coach on the coach to help you to:

Mentoring Services

Do you want to grow and develop as a facilitator? 

Grow your facilitator skills with an experienced facilitator who will guide you on your journey to become the excellent facilitator you can be! 

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Coach on BrightStar

Aspiring to be a respected life coach? Want to start your own coaching practice? This affordable, condensed BrightStar Coaching Programme will empower you with knowledge, skills and practical assistance to understand and apply appreciative coaching – building on strengths, exploring life purpose and using values as foundation. Be the coach that guides others to flourish, and prosper in your own practice.

This 4-day programme will provide you with the Appreciative Model (derived from the field of Positive Psychology) as a framework. You will develop insight and experience growth for yourself and those you will be coaching, in the three pillars of the model, namely, Purpose-driven, Value-driven and Strength-based Life Coaching.

A toolkit will be provided to you as a practical resource to be used during coaching sessions. You will be supported and guided on how to start your own coaching practice.


6 x 3 hours / In-Person: 4 days


ETDP BS LIFE US 242824, Apply leadership concepts in a work context. NQF level 4, Credits 12


Register as Signopro Coach on completion
Gallup’s 34 Strengths Assessment and one-on-one Awareness Session included

Dr Shanie Boshoff

I am blessed abundantly by the BrightStar🌟 Coaching Programme! It expands my understanding of myself and others and strengthens my ability to live out my life purpose (simplifying and magnifying inner potential to an excellent lifestyle). In the beginning you set the tone and the broader view of perspectives and approach.

And then both of you took me on the wild exiting journey of understanding my energy and the importance to manage my strengths. You showed me how they impact on one another.

You used the group só cleverly, that we began to identify each other’s strenths and how it plays out differently in people. As you urged us, I will remember that strengths may never be used to judge! A heartfelt thank you for the magnificent toolbox you created – it makes implementation só much easier and more professional.

Your well-thought-through contents in the workbook deserves special mention. Much appreciation BrightStar 🌟 and you Chris and Annemarie, for a brilliant partnership, making BrightStar coaching accessible and cost-effective. You blessed me with your skills, passion and humbleness as you facilitated and trained us🙏. I highly recommend this programme!🌱🤗

Hanneli Hougaard

Last week’s Coaching training was a “Pivotal moment” in my life. I am now processing the knowledge and practicing to use my “strengths” purposefully. I realize the responsibility I have and the danger when my “strengths” are poorly managed.

I was amazed at how much I could already share over the weekend from what I had learned!Your presentation was great !! I also learned so much from your practical  examples!

The manual and tools are very clear and practical. Thank you very much for the development and part of it. I see the relationship between my values, life purpose and “strengths”. I believe that with a lot of practice I will be able to serve others with this.

Thank you very much for your obedience and availability as instruments.

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Want to win at work and life?

Many people never or seldom experience the joy of knowing who they are, where they are going, and what they, therefore, need to focus on every day. Choose joy, live with excellence and significance, and win at work and in life!