The Wellness Joy Journey 

The Jewels in July

We are in the midst of winter and when you look at our Wellness travel map our quest this month is to discover the Wellness Jewels in July. 

Jewels are precious gems, things that are beautiful and have a great monetary value. In the month of July, we can also discover something beautiful and valuable for our health.

How to find jewels in the midst of winter: 

  1. Think differently,  stop complaining about the cold and wishing the weather were warm instead. Adapt your way of thinking and open your mind to crisp new ideas, both at work and at home. Express this season’s beautiful characteristics in words, for example,
    1. hibernation, 
    2. cold snap, 
    3. frosty, and 
    4. nippy. 

This way you actively challenge your brain to expand its wonderful capacity. Don’t let your brain freeze in winter.

2.  Expand your knowledge and discover the beauty of winter in our own country. South Africa has nine provinces and each is a jewel in its own way. Each province experiences winter in a different way – some have rain, others have snow, some have greenery and others still experience a dry spell. Study up on your facts and share them with friends!

3. Listen to your body’s winter needs. 

  • Eat and drink differently! Your beautiful jewel of a body has slightly different needs in winter. Try eating carrot soup, creamy roasted cauliflower soup ( or our homegrown “waterblommetjies”. Drink warm spiced cider punch, hot ginger coffee or winter herb tea mix ( Citrus fruit is a special winter treat that contains a lot of vitamins to promote good health!
  • Enjoy indoor exercise regimes. There are a lot of indoor fitness jewels that you can discover, such as, doing sit-ups with the dog,  using a stepper while listening to music, or stretching while watching a movie. It will keep you warm!
  • Make use of the winter’s permission to slow down. When the bright jewel of the African sun is setting over your location, stop being busy. Let your body relax. The change in temperature and daylight in nature helps your body recover.

4. Beware of enemies. Be on the lookout for jewel thieves. You will recognise them: the complainers, the sugar spies and the exercise blockers. Protect your unique Wellness jewels by sticking with our group!

5. Protect your joy jewel. Write down your winter wisdom gained through our Wellness Joy Journey. Be specific about the jewels you have discovered during this month. Plant a promise to yourself that you will keep going on this trail and you will see that promise bloom in September!


Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your Wellness Buddy,

Sarlene Horn is a BrightStar Facilitator – I believe in living a wellness lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of healthy choices.

(Photo Credit: Esther Lategan)

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