Today we are going to visit a new concept! Toxic Positivity.

Maybe you’ve heard of toxic positivity? It is the culture of portraying yourself as being happy no matter what.  You are basically switched off to anything which might be viewed as negative. It is also the idea of encouraging people to always see the bright side, and not open up about anything bad.

That is not a helpful thought pattern – it is actually harming.

What would you say? Are you ready to be honest about your emotions? Even in your view it is not as “good” as you would want people to think your thoughts or your attitude is?

Do not pretend to be positive if you are not – you will be able to be more positive, complain less if you can first be honest about what you really feel!

How to avoid Toxic Positivity: 

Instead of Saying…
​You’ll get over it
​It’s hard but I believe in you
Don’t be so negative…
It’s okay to feel bad sometimes …
Always look at the bright side
It is difficult to see the good in this situation, but we will make sense of it if we can.
Failure is not an option
Failure is part of growth
Think happy thoughts
Things can really become tough. I am here for you
It could be worse
Sometimes we experience bad things. How can I support you?

​You can be sad, angry, upset, drained, anxious, overwhelmed, unsure, afraid and still be positive! Rather be honest, then you can be real and deal with what really is happening.

​That will get you to move forward. Every time.

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