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Your Body’s Wellness Language

Your body has a special Wellness language. Do you listen to your body? Do you understand what is says?

Your body talks to you with conscious and unconscious movements and postures. It communicates “I love you” by protecting you against sickness and healing you and “thank you” by giving you energy, strength and endurance. And sometimes it says “Please help me” when there is pain or tiredness.

To decode your body’s Wellness language is empowering and life giving. Below are a few pointers that could help you in listening and understand your beautiful body’s language.

  • Kinesiology is a term for how your body moves. Body movements tell us a lot about our Wellness. How you sit, how you stand, or walk may indicate pain or discomfort in your body. Another body behaviour is self-soothing or pacifying behaviour. It helps to calm us down after experiencing something unpleasant. For example, fidgeting, bouncing feet, and arm rubbing. Does your body need relief from pain? Do you need to change your posture, do some stretching or maybe change your shoes to relieve pain?
  • Haptics refers to the body language cues that involve touch. These include touching someone’s arm, hugs and a pat on the shoulder. It can help your body if you start by embracing yourself for example self-hugs, massaging your legs or soothing your skin with healthy skin products. Being in water, whether swimming, splashing or showering is also good for your body. What physical touch does your body need?
  • Paralanguage is the nonverbal communications of your voice, such as pitch, tone, pace and volume. Your voice, which is part of your respiratory system, can be a good indicator of your stress and fitness levels. By simply listening to your own voice your body is telling you something about your Wellness. What do you hear?
  • Look yourself in the eyes. What do you see? Is it blurry, dry, red or yellow? This may be a visible sign from your body that your eyes are asking for help. What do you not see that your body needs?
  • When your taste buds talk it refers to the sensory experience in your mouth when you eat something. It can be refined down to the basic five taste qualities of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savoury. Taste buds let you know what you’re eating and drinking and whether it tastes “good” and nourish your body or alert you when it is not safe to consume, like spoiled milk. Do you have a mouth watering experiencing when you eat or is your body telling you something else?

Our bodies speak to us in a Wellness language. Sometimes in a whisper and sometimes with a shout. If we take time to listen to the message, we can improve our wellbeing and experience a beautiful and healthy relationship with ourselves. The results can include more energy, better concentration and less lies about what we can achieve.

Your body has something to tell you, please listen!

Your Wellness Buddy

Sarlene Horn


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